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Hi! I'm Fiona, an Irish girl living in the UK. Lead singer in rock/pop band Alter Ego, I have a passion for fashion and great music! I own far too many clothes and some very cool photographers take photos of me wearing them all! I hope my blog reaches people who share my obsession with fashion, style and beautiful things! Thanks for stopping by! Fx

Friday, 12 May 2017

Second Hand Rose

"Even clothes I'm wearing
someone wore before.
It's no wonder that I feel abused,
I never get a thing that ain't been used.
I'm wearing second hand hats,
Second hand clothes,
That's why they call me
Second hand Rose."
~ James F Hanley

My vintage wardrobe is growing, slowly but surely. Up to now, I have heavily favoured pieces from the 1970s, but this latest addition to my little collection is a whole decade older.

This gorgeous 1960s mini dress is from Peekaboo Vintage. A great take on the classic LBD, it is brightened up beautifully by a colourful, striped waistband and pretty, slit sleeves in rich shades of purple, red, orange, white, black and green. A deep, plunging neckline takes it from sweet to sexy, and a removable double rose pin on the chest draws all eyes to a sultry flash of cleavage.

I styled my dress with a great pair of turquoise Miu Miu shoes. The lush colour clashes beautifully with the dress; I love a funky colour clash, if it's good enough for Sex And The City's Carrie Bradshaw, it's good enough for me.

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Dress: 1960s Vintage Dress (similar)

Friday, 21 April 2017

Cobalt Eyes

"I saw a girl walking down the street the other day;
And she reminded me a bit of myself.
Her Cobalt eyes remained attached to the sky,
as if the infinite blue in it held promise for her."
~ Emerald Proctor

Jason Connery's beautiful and powerfully moving new film 'Tommy's Honour' has now been released in American cinemas, and life over the past few weeks has been a wonderful, dreamy blur of film Premieres, TV appearances, interviews, travelling to new places, meeting lovely new people, and feeling so overwhelmingly proud of Jason that I could quite literally burst!

The Canadian premiere of the film (there was also one in New York and one in Chicago, but that's for other blog posts) was held in beautiful Toronto. It was a more laid back affair than the first two Premieres, so I wanted to wear something a little bit cool, a little bit edgy, and a little bit different for the red carpet (or, in keeping with the theme of the film, the green carpet in our case).

I wore my favourite Designer, Ireland's Emma Manley. Her 'Maisey' dress is a classic shift silhouette made from Italian wool. It perfectly channels Manley's feminine vibes with a deep V to the front and the back. The sheer panelling in the hem shows a sexy flash of leg, and the wonderful shade of cobalt blue perfectly matches my eyes. The dress has a detachable cinch to the back to add more or less definition to the shape.

I paired my dress with a pink, embellished bag, also designed by Emma. It wasn't an obvious colour to style with the intense cobalt blue of the dress, but there is no denying that it works. I added my much loved metallic Dior shoes (so comfortable despite the towering heels), and some beautiful jewellery by New York based designer Susan Alexandra. She describes the 'Little Friend' and 'Best Friend' hand painted bronze necklaces as "a fierce and loving presence that sits right over your heart chakra". I love that, it really resonated with me.

This laid back, edgy, fun look was just right for our very special night. It perfectly complimented Jason's super-cool suit and tweed cap combo. No one wears a hat like he does. He is cool as feck. Fact. I hope you will all go see his movie if you get a chance to; it's playing in cinemas all across America (coming to the UK in early July) and it is a truly beautiful film, a real must-see. All I will say to you is that you should take tissues. Lots of tissues.

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Necklaces: Susan Alexandra 'Little Friend' and 'Best Friend' hand painted bronze necklaces
Shoes: Dior 'Extreme' Shoes (similar)
Photos: Getty images ©

Friday, 7 April 2017

Frilled To Bits

"White edge cool wave frill
Floats over Aqua's Blue-Green
Deep Blues Penumbra"
~ Unknown

Etro is a brand I thought I could only ever dream of wearing. But thanks to my wonderful fashion Fairy Godmother, I am now the proud owner of this dreamy, frilly Etro shirt. The brand was founded in 1968, and the Etro name is now synonymous with bold Italian elegance. The swirling Paisley motif used in their very first collection was set to become their mark of identity.

Featuring that iconic paisley pattern, this printed blouse is made from the most delicate silk georgette. The beautifully draped, frilly front instantly softens anything it is worn with. It is the most feminine piece of clothing I own and I adore it!

I styled my blouse with a pair of boyfriend jeans; I love how the soft, ladylike elegance of the blouse is juxtaposed with the laid-back, boyish look of the baggy jeans. I clashed things up further by adding a pair of leopard print heels. I love everything about this look. My friend hit the nail on the head when he remarked, "that really shouldn't work, but it just does".

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Friday, 10 March 2017

Neon Lights

"Baby when they look up at the sky
We'll be shooting stars just passing by
You'll be coming home with me tonight
And we'll be burning up like neon lights"
~ Demi Lovato

Known for his quirky, cool designs, Markus Lupfer's sequin lips sweaters are the stuff of dreams. I've wanted one for as long as I can remember, so I can't even begin to explain the joy I felt when I opened my present from the lovely one on Christmas morning and saw this neon pink beauty!

American Vogue’s Contributing Editor Sarah Mower, hit the nail on the head when she said, "Markus Lupfer’s very clever in making his sequin sweaters an item with a bit of a cult following, that draws followers from a really surprisingly broad customer-base. His sweaters strike such a great balance between easy and dressed-up, and witty and smart; they are pieces that make people from teenagers to grown ups smile and feel good in them almost anywhere.” Featuring ribbed trims, multi-coloured sequin lips to the front, and a dipped back hem, his gorgeous knits can brighten up any outfit.

I styled mine with a great pair of distressed skinny crop jeans.They are brand new, but have a very cool broken in look. I especially love the raw, frayed edge on the bottom hems. I finished my outfit off with nude heels and a fantastic pink embellished bag.

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Friday, 10 February 2017

Wear Me Like A Sweater

"Wear me like a sweater,
Close to your heart.
Wear me like a sweater,
So I can hear the rush of your pulse in my ear"
~ Pluie D'ete

It has been well documented in this blog how much I love Bella Freud sweaters. Stylish, cool, cozy, lush, versatile - they are simply perfect sweaters. I'm not sure I have enough of them to justify calling my little hoard a collection, but my BF jumpers are much loved, and worn often.

This one is my favourite. Inspired by Patti Smith, and the early New York punk scene in the 70's, this 100% pure merino wool knitted jumper features the brands now iconic '1970' ivory motif to the front; it is slim fitting, with a ribbed crew neck, hem and cuffs, and, best of all, it is the most wonderful, vibrant shade of red.

I styled it here with a fabulous pair of jeans by denim Queen Donna Ida (the best sale bargain ever), a great pair of silver Camilla Elphick ankle boots, and a very cool, backpack by Nadia Minkoff. The grey bag compliments the colour of the boots, and finishes the look off perfectly. As practical as it is beautiful, the Brixton bag has very quickly become my go-to bag. It is the perfect size to take on a plane, to accompany me on my regular jaunts into London, and it's cool enough to funk up any outfit.

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